Prozac and Zoloft may be the choice for treating depression and other disorders. Belonging to SSRIs, both medications have a range of similarities, but there are also some differences. When it comes to the question which of them to choose for treatment, it’s important to consider how they differ.

What are Zoloft and Prozac?

Zoloft (generic name is sertraline) and Prozac (generic name is fluoxetine) are second-generation antidepressants. Both are able to affect unbalanced chemicals in the brain. The main aim of their influence is serotonin that is responsible for a feeling of happiness and well-being. None of the drugs are of a sedative kind.

Both Zoloft and Prozac can be used for treatment of the following conditions:

  • Panic disorder;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Zoloft can also be prescribed for these conditions:

  • Anxiety disorders;
  • Social anxiety disorder;
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Prozac can also be prescribed for the following conditions:

  • Major depressive disorder;
  • Bulimia nervosa.

Prozac is the only drug that has an approval from the FDA for treatment of depression in children (8 years old and older). It can be used to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder in children of 7 and older. At the same time Zoloft can be used for treatment of this condition in children starting with 6 years old.

As per doctor’s consideration, both medications can be also prescribed for off-label uses, for instance, to treat sleeping or eating disorders.

Effectiveness of Prozac and Zoloft

Both Prozac and Zoloft have shown great results in treatment of depression and other disorders with 55-70% of patients experiencing relieving symptoms after using those drugs. Until this time none of these two drugs has shown higher effectiveness than another one.

Main Differences between Prozac and Zoloft

Zoloft comes with a higher risk of causing diarrhea than Prozac, but the latter one comes with a higher risk of sleep disturbances occurrence and dry mouth.

Zoloft and Prozac are available in a daily dose, but Prozac can also be taken in a weekly dose.

Each drug has an individual chemical composition.

Which Drug Is Better for Treatment?

When it comes to prescribing a medication, your doctor would consider two main factors including:

Effectiveness. The prescribed medication has to show positive effects. If no improvement has followed, then a patient may need to use another drug.

Safety. It mostly concerns side effects. It is hard to predict which medication may cause side effects and which may not. Also, there are other factors which should be taken into account, including the overall health condition, using other medications for treatment of other health problems, age, etc.

How to Purchase Prozac and Zoloft?

If both medications are advised by your doctor, then another factor that you want to consider is the price. Canadian Pharmacy is the place where you can buy meds online at reasonable prices. On the Internet, it takes only a few minutes to check the prices and get the needed drug.