Benzodiazepines are a general name for a group of sedative medicines which are used in psycho-neurological practice. Medicines of this group have similar pharmacological characteristics.

In general, benzodiazepines act in low therapeutic doses as a sedative; in mild doses as anti-anxiety and anticonvulsive product; in high doses as a strong product for insomnia. Nowadays, medicines of this group are often used in the treatment of the diseases of the central nervous system.

Due to similar therapeutic characteristics, benzodiazepines can replace each other, however it is necessary to select drugs with similar type of action. Despite similarity of benzodiazepines, each of them has unique characteristics due to insignificant peculiarities of the pharmacological action.

For example, Xanax is a strong antianxiety product which reduces fear, anxiety, concern, improves mood and inhibits panic in people. The anticonvulsive action of Xanax is weak, even though it interacts with benzodiazepines receptors.

Klonopin, on the contrary, has more intense anticonvulsive action. It lowers the frequency and intensity of the convulsive attacks and helps to arrest severe symptoms of epilepsy. Klonopin can reduce the anxiety symptoms but this action is weaker than Xanax.

According to the announcement of the manufacturer, Xanax and Klonopin have antianxiety, anticonvulsive, sedative effect. However, due to the specific action to certain receptors in the central nervous system, Xanax inhibits anxiety better than Klonopin.

Most people do not know difference between these drugs, and look at the general characteristics. Sometimes, they cannot treat the symptoms of these panic disorders by taking Klonopin for the anxiety or panic disorder. The main reason is a self-treatment and uncontrolled use of the strong benzodiazepines. If you decided to take benzodiazepines, it will be useful to know some peculiarities of Xanax and Klonopin.

These drugs are absolutely different, even though they have similar pharmacological characteristics. If we compare Xanax vs Klonopin, it is impossible to name the most effective medicine because they are responsible for the different functions of the central nervous system, and they help people in different ways.

Xanax is used for the treatment of the panic and anxious attacks, neuroses, mental disorders. Klonopin is used for the treatment of epilepsy, organic affections of the brain, and psychomotor disorders.

However, if the disease symptoms of the central nervous system are weak and a general therapeutic effect is needed, these medicines can be replaced. Xanax is effective in low doses, and therefore if you have any diseases of liver or kidneys during which benzodiazepines are not contraindicated, this medicine will be better than Klonopin.

But unlike Xanax, Klonopin can be used by children. The medical tests have proved the safety of Klonopin for children over 1 year, and therefore the level of the pharmacological safety of the medicine is higher. Klonopin seldom causes side effects, and therefore if you avoid side effects, this medicine is better.

Other pharmacological characteristics of Klonopin and Xanax are similar, and therefore there is no point to compare them. You should bear in mind that each of these medicines has a special mechanism of the action to the receptors of the central nervous system, and if certain direct action is needed, these medicines cannot substitute each other.