If you are interested in knowing more about Xanax, you should read this article. We are going to bring to light the most valuable aspects related to the use of this medication. In order to answer the most frequent questions about Xanax, we asked Dr. Martin Powell for help, who works at University of California in San Diego. Dr. Martin Powell is a psychiatrist with 10 years of experience.

Does Xanax cause addiction? I need to treat my recurring panic attacks, but it was a real torture for me to give up smoking and reduce the consumption of alcohol. It took me several years …

Xanax can cause addiction, and it should be used only according to the recommendations of your healthcare provider. If it is prescribed to you, you should start using it with a low dosage, and if it is needed, you can increase the doses gradually. If the risk of addiction is high, duration of the treatment can be shorter than usual. Also, your doctor should prescribe an adjusted schedule to discontinue using the drug, that may include exercising, dieting, etc. If you follow all the recommendations of your healthcare provider, the risk of addiction is practically zero.

I’m nearly 30, and I have panic attacks. Although I do not have them often, each attack is very strong and long. I have suffered for two years from the last one! It is gone, but I’m afraid that it is not over. Sometimes I manage to deal with the situation successfully, but sometimes I cannot do anything about it. It’s really awful, because these attacks occur suddenly. I’ve tried to use some herbal remedies, but nothing worked for me. I decided that going to a psychiatrist was the only way out for me. Still, I’m not sure about the use of antidepressants and drugs. I think that Xanax could be a better way to help me… What do you think?

The decision regarding taking medications should be made by a doctor. You may not need to use any medications at all. Everything depends on your condition, its causes and other factors. At the same time, in your case, the attack last for two years. It is a pretty long period of time for pattern formation that may be difficult to break without the intake of medications. Xanax is an effective drug for attack suppression, but you can only use it if it is prescribed by a healthcare provider. You are absolutely right about the decision to go to the specialist in the nearest future. Just do it, and you will be able to find the right solution.

Why Is Xanax Considered to Be Ambiguous Solution?

Although alprazolam is an effective solution to relieve moderate to severe panic attacks and anxiety, it is not a first line drug. In some countries, for instance, the USA, this medication is approved by the FDA for treatment of panic disorder. In Australia, for example, the drug is not recommended for use in the same cases, which is explained by dependence, tolerance and abuse risks. Only a doctor can make a decision about reasonableness of Xanax use for a particular patient. That is why this drug is referred to as an ‘ambiguous’ solution.