Generic drugs

Generic drugs are the pharmacological analogue of the existing licensed medicine. Generics are developed on the basis of any active ingredient but they are for sale under unpatented names.

Nowadays, there is a rapid increase of the Generic market. Cheap, quality, and available medicines are the main criteria for most people choosing a medical product.

The Generic market growth is accompanied by the strict requirements to their production and quality, and therefore it is today almost impossible to meet fakes. Most Generics are approved by FDA and reach the counters of the Canadian Pharmacy only after thorough check.

The main advantage of Generis is a low cost. Multimillion sums are not invested into the development and marketing of the analogues because it is made by the manufacturers of the original brand drugs. The manufacturers of Generics do not have to cover their expenses, and therefore they stick to the middle pricing segment. Generic medicines are available for most people regardless of the income level.

But it does not mean that Generic drugs in the Canadian Pharmacy is a choice of people with low or middle income. These medicines do not differ from the expensive brand drugs. The medicine cost is not the main characteristic of the efficiency.

You do not want to overpay for medicines

If you do not want to overpay for the popular brand name and want to save money, you can buy Generics in the Canadian Pharmacy online.

It is almost impossible to buy Generics in the traditional pharmacies. The sale of the cheap medicines does not bring the expected profit for the large pharmacy chains, and therefore you will find only original, expensive brand drugs on the counters.

Any Generic can be bought at the lost cost in Canadian Pharmacy. If you do not know the name of the needed medicine, you can contact a consultant of the Canadian online pharmacy, and find out more effective and cheap medicine.

The needed Generic medicines can be found by the name of the active ingredient in the Canadian Pharmacy. You can enter a name of the active ingredient in the search bar on the website, and all Generic drugs containing it will be shown in the results of the search. Everyone can order Generic medicine in the Canadian Pharmacy, at any time. The shipment is made into any country within 365 days a year.

Buying Generic medicines in Canadian pharmacy

In order to buy Generic medicine in the Canadian Pharmacy, it is necessary to perform an easy procedure of registration. After registration, you can save the needed medicines in your shopping cart and follow the special discounts. The Canadian Pharmacy online often offers special discounts during which one may get a discount or additional pills as a gift.

The regular customers of the Canadian Pharmacy online also receive additional discounts which will cover all expenses for the shipment of the medicine to your city. You will save even more money by ordering medicines without leaving your house.

Buying Generics in the Canadian Pharmacy, you can spend on the medicines by 3-4 times less, and you will always have quality and save medical products in your medicine chest.

A wide choice of medicines in Canadian Pharmacy enables consumers to buy not only popular expensive brand drugs but also different analogues (Generics).

Generic drugs are cheaper, even though they work as well as the original medicines. We guarantee that all Generic medicines selling in the Canadian Pharmacy have been approved by FDA and have the International licenses and certificates confirming the origin of the medical products.
All medicines are supplied to the Canadian Pharmacy only from the official manufacturers because we collaborate only with proved distributors and guarantee the customers 100% quality of medicines.