Tramadol vs Soma Tramadol vs Soma

A painful syndrome can be caused by several factors: traumas, muscle spasms, neurological disorders, chronic diseases, and others. In the treatment of the weak pain, it is recommended to use safe non-narcotic analgesics. They act for a short period and are safe for a human.

In case of the severe painful syndrome, doctor prescribe stronger analgesics including narcotic ones. They have rather many side effects, can cause a medical addiction but they successfully cope with any pain of any origin. A choice of a medicine depends on the cause of pain.

If acute pain is caused by chronic diseases, cancerous tumors or neurological disorders, a perfect option is Tramadol

If acute pain is caused by muscle traumas or muscle spasms, Soma is better.

So what medicine will better remove pain: Tramadol or Soma?

It is rather difficult to reply this question because Tramadol and Soma are completely different.

The mechanism of the action of Tramadol consists in the increase of the painful threshold by means of binding to opioid receptors and action to the spinal cord. It provides a general pain-relieving action regardless of the site of the painful impulses.

The mechanism of the action of Soma consists in the relaxation of the muscle fibers all over the body. It also acts to the spinal cord but the mechanism of the action is slightly different. Soma influences on some receptors of the CNS which relax the muscles and reduce the spasms of the muscle fibers.

The analgesic effect of Soma is weaker than Tramadol’s. It is explained – Soma inhibits pain which is related to the muscle spasms and is almost ineffective during neurological pain. Yes, there is a pain-relieving effect but it is weak. Tramadol is a classical narcotic analgesic which can arrest attacks of any pain. It is even used during light surgeries.

A sedative effect of Tramadol and Soma is similar.

The difference between these drugs is that Soma does not bind to opioid receptors and cannot cause a medical addiction. In case of the prolonged use of Tramadol in high doses, a patient may have drug abuse, and stronger drugs such as morphine or codeine will be needed. Using Soma does not cause a risk of the development of the opioid addiction because the mechanism of the action differs.

If pain is caused by the muscle tension, spasms, spinal disc herniation, and others, it is better to select Soma. This is the safer medicine which is better tolerated, does not cause side effects and a medical addiction.

If pain has another origin, your choice will be Tramadol. This is a narcotic analgesic which can be regularly used, and mild doses will not cause a narcotic addiction.