What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a popular disease of the sexual system of a man which is expressed in the form of the erection deficiency during the sexual arousal. A man is not able to have or maintain erection during the sexual intercourse in case of the erectile dysfunction.

Erection is a simple physiological reaction to the sexual stimulation. Just two mechanisms take part in the process of the erection formation: vascular and neurogenic. But curiously enough, even a completely healthy man can have problems with erection.

Psychosexual reactions

Psychosexual reactions play a key role in the formation of the erection but man do not even think about it. A psychogenic erectile dysfunction is a very common form of the sexual dysfunction which can be caused by different psychological disorders.

Do not confuse single erection disorders and psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Rare cases convey nothing, they may happen because of many causes: stress, tension, emotional disorder, relationships with a partner, and others.

The erectile dysfunction caused by the psychogenic factors is formed gradually. The man loses his confidence after one fail in the bed, and he worries about that and tries to bind an explanation to his failure, so that he has “a failure expectation syndrome”.

A fear is increased prior to the sexual intercourse, and it leads to the lost erection. In case of the prolonged emotional frustration, the man avoids a sexual activity and loses his interest to sex. This is a real psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

In the setting of the constant expectation of the failure and lack of confidence, the man can have depression which will make the symptoms of the psychogenic erectile dysfunction worse.

As a result, the endless circle appears:

  • Temporal erection loss because of the stress, fatigue, etc
  • Poor self-confidence
  • Fear of the next failures
  • Sexual disorders
  • Increased fear before the intimacy
  • Psychogenic erectile dysfunction

If this circle of the moral feelings is not broken, it will be impossible to cure the erectile dysfunction. In this case, a combined approach to the treatment of the psychogenic erectile dysfunction is required: psychotherapy and drug therapy.

A psychotherapist will help to estimate your psychological problem and get rid of the fear and anxiety. Several treatment sessions will be enough for a man to realize that he will make it worse if he made a psychological barrier. None psychotherapy can do without medical products.

At first, the man can have an episodic feeling of fear to fail and the erection will be weak during the sexual intercourse. The appearance of the PDE5 inhibitors on the pharmaceutical market has helped to improve erection even during the emotional disorder.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

During sexual arousal and stimulation, PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) increase the blood circulation in the penis and stimulate a vascular mechanism. Even if a man had the episodic attack of fear to fail, the medicine will maintain the erection up to the natural ejaculation.

After several successful attempts, the man will get rid of the psychological barrier, fear will be lost, confidence appears. PDE5 inhibitors can be used from time to time in order to improve the erectile reaction to the sexual stimulation.

Due to the PDE5 inhibitors, a temporal erection loss can be prevented, if there are preconditions: fatigue, stress, a new partner, and others. If a man feels that he is not able to completely satisfy his partner, one tablet of any medicines (Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra) will help to avoid preconditions of the psychogenic ED development.