What is Propecia? Propecia

If you decided to buy Propecia and start a treatment, read the instruction for the use. Every package of Propecia contains 30 pills in opacity blisters and protected from direct sunlight.

Every pills contains 1 mg of the active ingredient finasteride. But there are pills having 5 mg of the active ingredients. They are used by doctor’s recommendation only. The pills are taken every day, perorally, with a glass of water.

A pill of Propecia 5 mg is taken per day. It will be enough to make the drug work within the first day and launch a process of the hair recovery.

The pills are taken every day without missing a dose. As the active period of the Propecia 1 mg action is just 24 hours, a missed dose may reduce a therapeutic effect.

A man should have a reverse process within 3 months:

Hair loss is stopped in 3-4 months

New hair should appear on the area of the alopecia in 6-7 months

A man should not have any baldness in 9-12 months

The laboratory blood tests should be taken during the treatment and the level of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone is controlled. If the level of dihydrotestosterone is not decreased, a dose is increased up to 5 mg per day. As soon as hair loss process is stopped, a standard dosing is used, and the treatment is continued.

If the dihydrotestosterone level dropped within 6 months but the treatment results did not appear, it is necessary to have a medical examination and make sure that there are not additional factors causing the hair loss.

Propecia is absolutely safe for the male body and does not normally cause side effects. Some symptoms may happen in the first days of the treatment: poor erection and increase of breast, itching and pain in breast, and reduction of ejaculate. Men who take the maximal daily dose of 5 mg are more prone to the side effects. Most men do not even have the side effects, and the therapy of alopecia goes without discomfort.

But do not take the pills more than a year. Propecia gives good results in a year and guarantees a stable result. In order to check how your body is ready to maintain a normal level of dihydrotestosterone, it is necessary to take a break for 3-4 months. If the hair loss is restored within this period, start taking Propecia again. Propecia may be taken for a long period – 5-10 years (with every year breaks for 3-4 months). This is a standard medical practice approved by FDA.

Moreover, Propecia is for sale on the Internet, and this is convenient and cost-efficient. The prices of Propecia online are low, and men with any income level can buy the pills one per month in order to maintain confidence.

It is better to have beautiful hair than baldness regardless of how you feel. Try to buy cheap Propecia online and find out how pleasant to have beautiful and healthy hair at any age.12