Let’s be honest! Everyone would like to have a super power. Most of us would like to get through walls, read people’s mind or calculate complicate math formulas mentally. We all have wanted to have more cognitive memory and think faster at school and college.

After the release of Limitless movie, an interest at limitless pills has grown, and many people have got a hope that their dreams will come true. There is information in different sources that such pills do exist but it is impossible to buy or find them.

This subject has become more popular after Lucy movie where a lead character takes NZT-48. So, may our infantile dreams come true, and do such pills really exist? So could we have an outstanding memory and use our brain by 100%?

In some way, it is possible. Nootropics offer broad therapeutic opportunities for a human. They improve the cognitive function and give an additional energy. But still nootropics have rather inefficient action in comparison with unlimited pills.

Why do nootropics not so strong as unlimited pills?

If NZT-48 existed, they would not be used in global therapeutic practice. And rightly so. The increase of the cognitive functions leads to neurobiological changes in the brain. Using nootropics, these changes are not felt, and therefore they do not affect the physiology of the brain and central nervous system, and a human does not have any diseases.

But if a human took NZT-48, a stimulation of the neurobiological processes would be very strong, and it would affect the mental health as well as general health of a human. In other words, such strong pills as NZT-48 are dangerous for a human. Due to this, many psychostimulants are protected and are prescribed only under a strict control of doctors and in hospital. Their application may be dangerous. A hard load on the brain may be harmful.

That is why, the development of the unlimited pills is probably a fantasy of many people who would like to have a super power. But their body is not ready to such internal changes.

What products may act as limitless pills?

Modafinil has a similar action. Yes, it is a strong cognitive booster. It has a short period of action but it really improves memory and many other higher brain functions. If you want to feel more confidence and get more energy, you may buy Modafinil.

It is proved that Modafinil really works and brings positive results in different fields. It is used by students, bankers, clerks, and even militaries. We could say that Modafinil is the only product for the improvement of the cognitive functions but there are other products.

Phenylpiracetam is a psychostimulant that is similar to nootropics. It shows an intensive stimulating effect as to motor reaction and an increase of the physical activity, and therefore it has been used by sportsmen as doping before. Due to this, World Anti-Dope Agency added it to the list of the prohibited products during sports competitions. It stimulates many brain functions but not so intensively as Modafinil.

Another ingredient that is able to improve the brain work is glutamine acid. This is a common amino acid that has an ability to agitate neurons in the central nervous system, and so a general psychostimulant effect is observed. It is weaker than Phenylpiracetam, but if glutamine acid or products containing it are regularly used, your brain will work better and faster.

Modafinil also is sold under the brand names: Modalert, Alertec, Modvigil, and Provigil, you can buy drugs at Canadian pharmacy online, without a doctor prescription!