I am a fan of smart drugs, and I have tried most medicines for the past 4 years. I used nicotine, caffeine, Adderall, Modalert, Modvigil, Provigil, Glutamine and other medical products as a stimulant of the brain. And I know that there is nothing better than Modafinil, and I have proved it by my experiments.

As many people, I was upset about the close-down of Modafinilcat. My friends began to use and started buying pills there. But I wasn’t sure that this website would work for a long period because it may also have problems.

Therefore, I decided to explore a market and started looking for small shops supplying Modafinil directly from a manufacturer. A risk that this shop would be closed is low. The large websites are well controlled, and they have its own drawbacks.

I ordered Modafinil on ModaPharma for the experiment. Everybody may order Modafinil on this website. There is no information about the owners or location of the company. And it is not a surprise because nobody wants to give personal data working in such medical field as ModaPharma works.

Most likely, the office of ModaPharma is located in Asia, and Modafinil is produced there. All known suppliers take this medicine on Sun Pharmaceuticals located in India. The website of the company is standard, I haven’t seen anything new. Shipment is fast, the pills are in original package.

  • Modalert Price: From 1$ per pill
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  • Waklert Price: From 0.96$ per pill
  • Artvigil Price: From 0.96$ per pill

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