Levitra and Alcohol: Is This Combination Possible?

Today more than 45% of all men who are 30 have erectile problems. Every second man above 45 has erectile dysfunction. This depressing statistic stimulated contemporary pharmaceutical companies to produce various variants of drugs to cope with this health disorder. Men buy Levitra, Cialis, Viagra, and other drugs to be capable to have sexual intercourse.

Do Doctors Recommend Taking Levitra with Alcohol?

As a rule, males feel discomfort and shame because of impotence. As a result, they try to find the rescue in alcohol and medicines. The liquid belongs to Schedule I drugs due to its impact on human body. It provokes dependence. People adore the feeling of euphoria after alcohol usage. They feel shameless and become sexually active. Still, doctors do not recommend drinking too much alcohol and taking Levitra pills at the same time. This combination can provoke low or high blood pressure and serious heart problems. That’s why their patients try to buy Levitra without prescription.

Still, health advisors reassure that a glass of wine or beer and a pill of Levitra won’t do some serious harm. Men just should know when to stop.

Levitra Interactions with Different Substances

Vardenafil, the main component of Levitra, can interact with various substances. Men often know where to buy Levitra but are not interested in its correct usage. A patient with erectile dysfunction can suffer from various side effects caused by these drugs. This usually happens when a person takes Levitra not properly. The drugs may damage human health if they are combined with grapefruit juice, tobacco, high-fat meals and some supplements of herbs. It’s also dangerous to take Vardenafil together with other medicines which stimulate an erection. That’s why it’s essentially important to consult a doctor before the drug’s usage and not to experiment.

Can Alcohol Help to Get Erection Without Pills?

Scientific studies proved that more than 70% of all alcohol-addicted men have problems in their sexual life. Some of them have erectile dysfunction. The others complain of premature ejaculation, lack of libido and inability to experience orgasm. It’s quite clear that too much of alcohol is not helpful in ED treatment. It can also lower the level of testosterone and cause prostate problems. So, it’s better to prefer buying Levitra or some other ED treatment to drinking alcohol.