What is Lasix? Lasix

An active ingredient of Lasix is Furosemide. This ingredient is not cheap. A development of Furosemide has taken great investments: medical tests, marketing studies, advertisement, and so on. Therefore, a pharmaceutical company which has synthesized Furosemide has to cover the expenses by means of the high cost of the drug.

The Indian pharmaceutical company producing Furosemide under the name Lasix offers a lower cost for this drug due to several reasons. First of all, buying license for the production of Furosemide has allowed a manufacturer of Lasix to avoid expensive medical tests and studies. Secondly, there is no need to spend money on the advertisement of Lasix. Its active ingredients is already popular over the world, and therefore the medicine is for sale without any investments.

There is no difference between original Furosemide and Lasix. These are absolutely identical drugs which have one mechanism of the action and stimulate the excretion of the excessive liquid from the body. Therefore, a cost is not a criterion to estimate the pharmacological efficiency of the drug. In this case, a cost of Lasix is a sign of the extra charges of the manufacturer.

Cheap Lasix is for sale at a real cost of the manufacturer in the online pharmacy. You will not pay for the brand name and you will not overpay for the expenses on the drug promotion.

Dosing and Recommendations

Lasix is produced in the form of pills for the oral use. The drug is released in a wide range of dosing in order to optimize a therapeutic effect.

A correct dosing influences on the intensity of the therapeutic effect and a safety level. If the dose is incorrect, there is a risk of the lowering of the blood pressure, or development of other side effects.

But even if Lasix is taken in the minimal dose, an intensive diuretic effect is guaranteed. The dose escalation just increases diuresis period, its intensity, and influences of the kidney functions. Moreover, the excretion of the electrolytes including potassium is increased with the dose escalation.

The pills of Lasix may contain 20 mg, 40 mg and 80 mg Furosemide. A patient is prescribed an individual dose in every medical case.

  • A dose is adjusted by a doctor in patients with heart or renal failure. The incorrect dose may only affect a patient’s state
  • There are sources indicating a daily dose of Lasix 600 up to 2000 mg. Yes, these high doses are used in some cases, especially during edema of brain or mungs. But the use of Lasix in the dose of more than 480 mg per day is allowed only at medical conditions with drugs of potassium and under doctor’s supervision

A safe application of Lasix

  • Lasix is not recommended women in the first term of pregnancy
  • The use of diuretics by children may cause hear disorder, and therefore the use of Furosemide is controlled by a doctor only
  • Lasix excretes potassium from the body, therefore it is necessary to make up a deficit of potassium with the help of healthy diet and use of BAA
  • Lasix excretes potassium from the body, therefore it is necessary to make up a deficit of potassium with the help of healthy diet and use of BAA