Kamagra with Alcohol: Effects and Possible Reactions

Similar to all the erectile dysfunction treatments, Kamagra helps patients achieve and maintain an erection for a sexual intercourse. The active ingredients of the remedy advance blood circulation, relax penile muscles and make an erection possible. However, what are Kamagra effects, if used with alcohol? Can some alcohol be taken as anti-anxiety aid before sex?

Interaction between Alcohol and Kamagra

To understand the process of alcohol influence on Kamagra course and reactions it may possibly produce, you need to learn key information about Kamagra. First of all, it is a PDE-5 inhibitor, which is aimed at improvement of the blood flow to the penile area. Besides, the ingredients of the medication work relaxing penile muscles, contributing to the duration and quality of erection.

Considering alcohol, it can definitely decrease your anxiety before the intercourse. However, it can make erection more difficult to gain. Both alcohol and Kamagra act like vasodilators, so they decrease blood pressure by opening the blood vessels and relaxing their walls. Therefore, such conditions as orthostatic hypotension can occur as a result of Kamagra combination with alcohol.

However, if consumed in low doses, alcohol can be 100% safe and harmless for erection achievement and the whole ED treatment course.

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