Valium is one of the best antianxiety drugs. It helps to calm down, relax, reduce the amount of the muscle spasms, provides a sedative effect. A human forgets about stresses and emotional tension due to Valium.

Valium contains an active ingredient Diazepam. It is added to World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines and is used all over the world the main peculiarity of the medicine is its high pharmacological safety. As Valium is well tolerated, most people over 18 years can take it. But before buying this medication, patients often wonder how long the active ingredients of Valium stay in the body.

A half-life of the active ingredients plays an important role in the pharmacological safety of the drug. Kidneys and liver take part in the metabolism of Valium, and the speed of the medicine excretion depends on the good function of that organs.

Diazepam is absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract, and reaches the maximal concentration in the blood plasma in 90-100 minutes. Then, it penetrates into the central nervous system and binds to the neurons, and begins the action. Valium is metabolized in the liver, and then about 70% of the active ingredients are excreted by kidneys.

A half-life of valium in the adult person with a normal functioning of the liver is about 20-36 hours. The half-life of Valium is increased in children, senior patients, and patients with chronic diseases of liver, and it can be 36-70 hours. These patients should lower the daily dose of Valium, or enhance the interval between the use of the tablets. For example, the standard daily doses can be used once per 2 days. One the average, of a patient does not have any contraindications, Diazepam is excreted from the body within 24 hours.

You should take this information into account because if the medicine is not completely excreted from the body, and you consumed alcohol, the side effects can happen.

In case of the prolonged therapeutic course, Diazepam can stay in the system within a week after the end of the treatment. Therefore, if you did not have the anxiety symptoms and stopped taking Valium, be careful within 7 days and pay attention to medicines you are taking.