Hepatitis C: treatment and symptoms Hepatitis C: treatment and symptoms

Hepatitis C is a severe disease of liver which is caused by hepatitis virus. This is the severest form of the viral hepatitis because it can lead to the complete dysfunction of liver and death.

Hepatitis C is often transmitted through the blood. 20-30 years ago this virus reached the body during the blood transfusion. Now, the donated blood goes through testing on virus of hepatitis C but it has not helped to completely avoid new cases of the infection. This virus can be transmitted during unsafe application of the medical things: needles, dentist equipment, and others devices. The incorrect sterilization of health care products is a direct way to infection with hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is seldom sexually transmitted. This case of the infection is probable during the weak immunity of the healthy partner and frequent sexual intercourses with a virus carrier. Despite the developed medicine, a source of the infection is still unknown in 40% of cases of infection, and this is a great threat for any person.

Symptoms of hepatitis C

symtomps hepatits C

The biggest danger of hepatitis C is an asymptomatic acute form during incubation. When virus gets into the blood, there is a development of virus in the human cells within 4-20 weeks, and an affection of the protective characteristics of the body occurs. After the incubation, the first symptoms can appear:

Increased body temperature

Lack of energy

General weakness

Dizziness and headaches

The pain under the right rib


dark urine

An increase of liver and possibly spleen.

An acute form of hepatitis needs treatment because it is possible to inhibit the development of virus and avoid complications at this stage. If a patient has a medical examination during the first symptoms of the hepatitis C and the treatment is started, this form of hepatitis can be treatment in 30-40% within a short time.

70% of people who did not start the treatment of hepatitis C in time have a chronic form of virus. In case of the chronic form, a level of bilirubin is increased, the liver function test is significantly increased, specific markers of the viral hepatitis appear. And severer symptoms occur: icterus, arterial spiders, general weakness, and poor liver function.

About 500 000 people die of the diseases caused by the chronic hepatitis C every year, and therefore, the treatment should be started as soon as possible.

Treatment of hepatitis C

At the moment, there is no vaccine for hepatitis C but scientific tests are conducted in this field. The most productive way of the treatment of hepatitis C is an antiviral therapy. During the intense antiviral therapy with expensive effective drugs, hepatitis C can be treated in 90% of cases.

But even after the complete healing, it is necessary to have a medical examination once per 6 months and control the liver function. Hepatitis C does not disappear all of a sudden, and in 10 years after the successful treatment, people may have different complications.

The treatment of hepatitis C begins after having the results of the biochemical test of the blood, ultra sonic testing of the abdominal cavity, and biopsy of the liver.

Until quite recently, the treatment of hepatitis C has been based on the therapy with interferon and ribavirin. Patients had to have everyday injections within 48 weeks. This therapy lead to the healing of most patients but it had frequent side effects which were dangerous for the health.

The antiviral drugs of the direct action which act faster and have less intense side effects have been recently developed. At the moment, the most promising medicine for the treatment of hepatitis C is Sovaldi. Sovaldi does not cause side effects, and the length of the therapy is reduced up to 12 weeks. The medicine is released in the pills, and therefore patients do not need help in having injections.

The main peculiarity of Sovaldi is a complete healing of hepatitis C after the first stage of the treatment (12 weeks), and most patients have a low risk of the cirrhosis of liver even during the chronic form.

As sovaldi is a new medicine which has recently appeared on the market, Sovaldi can be bought in any county, on the Internet from Canadian Meds. It is an affordable medicine which costs by ten times cheaper than its analogues, and therefore the future of the modern medicine depends on Sovaldi.