Effective Weight-Loss Medication that Has Remained Popular for More than 50 Years

Phentermine is a medication used for weight loss, which is extremely popular. It was approved by FDA in 1959, and since that time, it has undergone a range of formulation refinement and lots of safety and industry standard trials. The production of many other weight control medications is discontinued, for instance, Ephedra and Fen-Phen, but Phentermine is still available in a range of prescription medicines. This drug has been used for more than 50 years, and it still does not have real rivals, according to patient reviews at Drugs.com. Its score based on 1820 rates is 8.8/10, which is a brilliant result for a prescription medication.

Why Is Phentermine Such a Popular Medication for Losing Weight?

One of the reasons why Phentermine remains so popular is its pharmacological action. This medication has the following benefits:

  • Hunger suppression;
  • Boosting energy;
  • Fast and safe effect.

According to reviews at EverydayHealth.com, the medication allows losing 10 pounds per month. It sounds really great, but you should know that this will not happen for you if you do not spend enough effort. It is a good medication, but it is not a magical solution, and you will not be able to lose weight only by using it. In order to achieve the best results, you should combine the use of Phentermine with daily exercising and dieting. If you have cardiovascular or other health conditions preventing you from doing frequent and intensive workouts, you can start jogging or any other activity that you can do safely for your health.

Once you start using the medication, you should not waste your time, because Phentermine is not designed for a long-term treatment. You will have about five weeks to lose some weight, because this medicine should not be used for a longer period of time. Another thing that can help you lose some weight is drinking lots of fluids. If you drink before having meals, you will achieve better satiety, which will boost the effects of the medication. If you drink lots of water, your body will not have to store excessive water deposits in your body, which leads to losing some weight.

How to Take Phentermine Safely?

All medications may cause different side effects, including Phentermine. Also you should carefully read all еру precautions and warnings typical for this medication. Since the use of this drug is associated with sleep violations, it should be used at least two hours before going to bed. It is recommended to plan the administration hours before nighttime.

This medication is a derivative of amphetamine, which causes addiction. Although Phentermine is not as addictive as amphetamine, you should be aware of its habit-forming nature. You should use this medication wisely only for the short-term treatment. Phentermine is not suitable for everyone, although it is really tempting to get an access to such a potent and effective medication. If your BMI is below 30kg/m2 mark, you should be looking for other ways to lose some weight.