Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a widespread heath problem that affects millions of men from different countries. Although scientists try hard to understand all the sides of this condition, many questions still remain unanswered.

How This Condition Used to Be Treated

In the medieval Islamic world, the first attempts to treat this health problem were made. Doctors used various medications and other methods to help their patients. According to reports, in many cases, doctors prescribed just one drug, but it was also quite popular to use a combination of drugs along with a special diet.

Through the 9th-16th century, several reputable Muslim doctors prescribed medical applications as well. Doctor recommended to use drugs and medical applications that were inserted via the urethra.

Treatments of ED with Testosterone

In 1800s, deficit of testosterone in the body was considered by doctors to be a real cause of erectile dysfunction. In order to treat this health problem, doctors would use sheep testis extract that was injected in the body. It remained the standard way of treatment of ED until the 1940s. The next step was the use of purified testosterone.

Treatment Plan of Dr. John R Brinkley

Through 1920s-1930s, new steps in treating ED condition were taken by Dr. John R Brinkley, who tried to use different forms of medicines. He offered his patients to use goat gland implants along with different surgeries and injections. When his medical license was revoked, he opened a medical clinic in Mexico.

Steady Development of Medications for Treatment of ED

Although different methods were used, attempts to treat ED remained unsuccessful until 1983. Giles Brindley, a British psychologist, showed the American Urological Association the positive effects of phentolamine. He proved that an alpha-blocking compound injected into his vein was able to smooth muscle relaxation, which allowed blood to flow more freely. That discovery was the inception of the development of modern ED medications that can be used orally today.

Discovery of Viagra

Although scientists found a working solution for the treatment of ED, there still were too many questions and doubts. This treatment was not completely safe, convenient, and it did not work for all men.

Another breakthrough in the development of ED medicine happened when Viagra (sildenafil) was discovered. Albert Wood and Peter Dunn, two employees of Pfizer Laboratories, managed to discover the substance of sildenafil in 1989. One of the most interesting things about this discovery is that sildenafil was initially intended to be a drug for the treatment of angina and high blood pressure. Actually, in the British patent, Viagra was named a heart medicine. In early 1990s, Pfizer conducted several early trials of the drug to find out its effectiveness in the treatment of heart diseases and received a surprising result — volunteers reported increased erections. Later, Pfizer started the production of Viagra in pills.