What is Zovirax?

Zovirax is an antiviral medicine which contains Acyclovir. This is a specific medicine which is active as to diseases caused by herpes virus. Zovirax is an advanced medical product for herpes in the world pharmaceutics. None pharmaceutical company can think of another way of the treatment of herpes more than 30 years.

The action of the medicine Zovirax is based on the destruction of the herpes virus on the cellular level. This medicine quickly inhibits the infection symptoms and reduces the frequency of the acute conditions.

It is medically proved that herpes cannot be cured after it comes to the human body (usually it happens at any early age). Zovirax can reduce the frequency of the relapses by several times, and this way it can almost inhibit the synthesis of virus in the human cells.

Taking Zovirax quickly stops the inflammatory process, accelerates the regeneration of the affected tissues and skin.

Where to Buy Zovirax Online?

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buy zovirax onlineHerpes virus is transmitted from human to human by the droplet spread, through the blood, saliva, mucosal membranes of the mouth, and also during sexual intercourse. This is a bad virus which penetrates into the cells of the body, adds its genetic material, and after that it is impossible to cure it. Healthy cells will synthesize herpes themselves during the reduction of the protective functions of the body.

The use of the different medical ointments gets rids of the external symptoms of the disease. Herpes virus can affect almost any organ and tissue of the body, and therefore the treatment should be concentrated on the complex inhibition of the herpes virus.

One of the best products for the treatment of the herpes virus is Zovirax. If you noticed the signs of the herpes virus, you can buy Zovirax and stop the development of the herpetic virus.

Recommendations for the use of Zovirax:

Zovirax is prescribed for the treatment of simple herpes, genital herpes, herpes zoster, chicken pox, and other similar viral infections including in patients with low immunity.

The medicine can be used by adults and children over 2 years. Every medical case, the dosage regimen and scheme of the treatment may vary. If you noticed a frequent exacerbation of the herpes symptoms and you want to buy Zovirax, consult a doctor at first.

  • The optimal period of the symptomatic treatment of the viral infections caused by herpes is 7-14 days
  • The average dose of Zovirax for adults and children over 2 years is 200-800 mg 5 times per day

As the synthesis of virus happens quickly in the cells, Zovirax can be used 5 times per day during the exacerbation of the disease in order to inhibit virus on the cellular level.

For the prophylaxis of the herpetic infections, patients are prescribed one tablet of Zovirax 200 mg 2 times per day within 12 months. Zovirax can be used at home but the doctor’s examination should be done from time to time.

Zovirax is not toxic for the human body, does not cause a medical and psychological addiction, is not accumulated in the body, and therefore it has a high pharmacological safety.

In case of the prolonged therapeutic courses, Zovirax can be bought in a big pack and the number of pills will be enough for the entire treatment. If 1-2 are missed, the medical effect of Acyclovir can be reduced because the medicine will stop fighting with the synthesis of the virus in the body.