Birth control is a civic duty of everybody. The unwanted pregnancy can be a social problem, especially if young sexual partners do not realize all responsibility.

The barrier methods (condoms) are often used for the birth control but a woman has to have an opportunity of the protection against the pregnancy. The most convenient and one of the most effective methods of the birth control is hormone contraception.

The modern medicine Yasmin is one of the most effective hormone medicines for women which will help to avoid the unwanted pregnancy. Using Yasmin, women can be confident in the safety of the sexual intercourse and not count on the sexual partner. Even if you do not have the barrier methods, it is not an excuse to refuse from the intimacy.

Yasmin contains two active ingredients Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol. They help to control menstrual cycle and prevent impregnation.

Action of Yasmin:

  • Synthetic hormones Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol slow down the release of the egg for impregnation and ovulation
  • The everyday use of Yasmin within 7 days, cervical mucus becomes thicker and does not pass spermatozoa.

Yasmin provides a double protection, and therefore the efficiency of the hormone contraception is 98-99% according to the medical studies.

Advantages of Yasmin:

  • Teenagers (over 14 years) can take the medicine
  • Menstrual cycle becomes more regular and it can be controlled
  • The intensity and period of the bleedings are reduced
  • Rare painful sensations during menstruation
  • Yasmin provides antiandrogenic action, helps to treat acne, reduce oiliness of the skin and hair
  • Yasmin does not provide estrogenic action, and therefore it does not influence on the body weight of a woman.

Recommendations for the use:

Yasmin works for the prolonged use to control birth in women of the reproductive age. The prolonged use (more than 1 year) does not cause complications and is well tolerated.

Some women may have increased sensitivity to the active ingredients of the medicine because of the individual peculiarities. As a result, some side effects such as nausea, headache, pain in breast, and mood changes may happen. In order to avoid the side effects of Yasmin, strictly follow the recommendations of a doctor and read the instruction for the use before taking the medicine.

The scheme of the Yasmin application is similar to all women. One pack has 21 pills. One pill Yasmin should be taken every day, without missing a day. In case of the terminated treatment, the contraceptive effect is reduced, and it may lead to the unwanted pregnancy.

After the pills of Yasmin run out, it is necessary to have a break for 7 days. A woman will have a natural bleeding during this period. A new pack of Yasmin will be started on 8th day.

If you do not understand how to take Yasmin for the maximal protection, see a gynecologist before taking the pills and get needed recommendations.

If you plan to become pregnant, the use of Yasmin should be terminated 3-5 months before impregnation. The female body will be completely restored after the use of the hormone medicine.

If you suspect pregnancy, terminate the use of Yasmin because it may cause a miscarriage or pathological disorders in the development of fetus.