Weight loss is not only getting rid of the excessive weight but also a solution of the esthetic problem. Weight loss is a way to make your body healthier and avoid many chronic diseases which appear during obesity.

People suffering from obesity experience metabolic disorder, the risk of the cardiovascular diseases is increased, and diabetes, short breathing and joint affection may happen.

The modern medicine Xenical will help to get rid of the excessive weight blocking the fat splitting which are received with food.

Most people use exhausting diets to lose weight and they lose composure in 1-2 weeks. It is impossible to lose weight in 1-2 weeks. A person can get rid of several pounds of water (which will be returned then) due to the exhausting diets, and will harm a stomach.

The obesity treatment should be systematic and not intense. Xenical will help to gain stable and prolonged results in the obesity treatment regardless of the age and body weight of the human.

Xenical does not influence on the central nervous system and brain, and does not inhibit hunger. This is the advantage of the medicine.

Xenical prevents the absorption of fats and fatty acids which reach our body with food. These fats are excreted naturally and are not kept in the body. To fulfil the energy, the body starts using the accumulated fatty tissue and a human loses weight.

Xenical activates the natural processes of the fat burning, and therefore it almost does not cause side effects.

During the first days of Xenical administration, the human may have some side effects: flatulency, diarrhea, and oily discharges from the straight intestine. These side effects pass during the further use of the medicine.

The active ingredients of Xenical do not penetrate into the vascular system and are excreted from the body within 24 hours, and that is why this medicine does not provide any toxic action.

In what doses is Xenical taken?

Xenical should be taken during every ingestion (3 times per day). A single dose of Xenical is 120 mg.

The use of Xenical 120 mg before or during meals blocks the uptake of fats. If the dose is skipped, the next pill of Xenical should be taken in one hour after meals. The use of the medicine in higher doses will not give intense therapeutic reaction.

In order to gain the maximal result, the use of Xenical 120 mg will not be enough. The consumption of fats should be reduced and a low-carb diet should be followed. The body will accumulate the fatty tissue by means of carbohydrates without any diet.

Physical activity and sports will help to accelerate the process of the weigh loss. The increase of the energy demands will make the body intensively destroy fatty tissue to make up energy.

Do not harm your body using exhausting diets. If you take care of your body, want to be beautiful and healthy, Xenical will help you to treat obesity and change your life.