The most important life events may be marred by an unexpected bronchospasm. The attacks occur all of a sudden and it is very hard to prepare for it. Therefore, it is very unpleasant when chest tightness, shortness of breath, and cough occur at an inappropriate moment.

But if you have Ventolin, even unexpected and complicated outbreaks of bronchospasm may be reduced, and one will take a deep breath. This is just a tool to improve the life quality in a person with bronchial asthma but it gives a unique chance to forget about the outbreaks and enjoy every minute in life.

What is Ventolin?

Ventolin is a product based on an active ingredient Salbutamol. This medicine is responsible for urgent help patients with bronchial asthma. The treatment of the bronchial asthma is formed of several stages:

  • Background therapy
  • Emergency management
  • Hormone therapy

A background therapy consists in a regular application of drugs that improve the functions of lungs and have anti-inflammatory effect. They act for a long time and need a regular application.

A hormone therapy has the same principles but glucocorticoid, a steroid medicine which has an intensive anti-inflammatory effect is used as an active ingredient.

Ventolin does not belong to these groups. This is a drug for an urgent therapy. When a patient has unexpected bronchospasm, common drugs do not give the required effect. Aerosol should be used in these cases.

“Ventolin starts working in 2-3 minutes after inhalation”

Due to ability to quickly dilate bronchi, the medicine is used for the emergency management of the bronchial asthma. In general, it does not affect the functions of the lungs and does not improve a volume of the circulated oxygen.

How does it work?

Salbutamol is an ingredient which affects beta2-adrenoceptors of bronchi. These receptors may cause an inflammation of the respiratory tracts and contraction of the muscle fibers under the action of the external factors (dust, cool air, plant pollen, cigarette smoke, etc.). Due to contraction of bronchi lumen, lungs get poor volume of oxygen and a human has a shortness of breath, it is hard to inhale or exhale, rattling and severe cough appears. Asphyxia may happen if a medical aid is neglected.

Salbutamol blocks the work of beta2-adrenoceptrs, so that they do not react to the external irritants, and breathing is quickly restored. But asphyxia may happen within 5-10 minutes during the outbreak. Therefore, the action should be maximally fast.

“Buy Ventolin suspension for a fast effect”

Neither syrup, nor pills, nor solutions give such fast effect. Here is why.

Syrup or pills should penetrate into the gastro-intestinal tract, and there it is absorbed into the systemic blood flow, and then Salbutamol goes to beta2-adrenoceptors of the bronchi.

Suspension does not require a peroal application, it is inhalative. That is why, Ventolin is often for sale with aerosol inhaler. A vessel in the inhaler contains Salbutamol suspension with propellant gas. Gas turns into suspension in the aerosol, which may be easily inhaled.

Ventolin inhaler is very convenient, and one spray equals a dose. You do not have to calculate a dose or worry for an overdose. The active parts quickly deposit on the respiratory tracts and bronchi and begin to block beta2-adrenoceptors. This way, it is possible to prevent complications, and the outbreak will be completely reduced within 2-3 minutes.

Sale of Ventolin in the Internet pharmacies

We have already told about the main advantages of Ventolin but this is not a sole medicine, and there are a lot of good analogues.

Why do million people buy Ventolin?

The matter is that Salbutamol is the most universal product to reduce bronchospasm. The action is selective, only the receptors of bronchi are affected, and the adrenoreceptors of the cardiovascular system are not affected. And doctors prescribe Ventolin, if a patient does not have an allergy to Salbutamol.

Many doctors and scientists think that Ventolin is a golden standard in the treatment of bronchospasms. But not all has an opportunity to quickly get a prescription. And an outbreak may happen at any time. Even if you visit a doctor, there is no guarantee that you receive a prescription the same day. So, there are many nuances that influence on a solution of prescribing Ventolin. In order to save time, many people use modern methods of the electronic commerce – Internet pharmacies.

“Can I buy Ventolin without prescription in the Internet pharmacy?”

You certainly can buy Ventolin without prescription and even get a free medical consultation of a pharmacist in the online pharmacy. Just remember that this is a medicine, and despite a pharmacological safety of Salbutamol, there are many restrictions, and you should know them.

That is why, buying Ventolin without prescription, we may recommend you to consult a medical specialist online. You will not be diagnosed and will not be treated by phone. But you will get the main recommendations and instructions for the use of Ventolin within 5-10 minutes and free of charge.

Buying Ventolin online takes little time. Select a required medicine, number of pills, and place an order. The assistants of the pharmacy will do the rest. They will send you a notification about sending your order and data to track your package. Agree, it is more convenient, that spending all day for visiting a doctor and searching for Ventolin in the city pharmacies.

Buy Ventolin in the reliable Internet pharmacies only. Do not avoid medical products of the Indian origin or Generics. These are very effective and cheap medicines. Be aware of scammers who do not give any real contacts, do not contact you, and do not have reviews on the website.

If you are not sure in the safety of the Internet pharmacy, contact a representative by phone. A communication will give you a notion about the activity of the company and disprove or confirm your doubts.

Dosing and Recommendations

This is how Ventolin looks like, and you should be sent a package with it. A bottle with suspension is mounted inside the inhaler and is ready for application.

But there is Ventolin nebula. It is supplied without inhaler, and nebula looks like ampules with suspension. The drug is used with the help of nebulizer of multiple use.

If Ventolin inhaler is used, it is better to use a new inhaler after the end of the bottle with the active ingredients.

If you are interested at buying Ventolin, you probably know how to use it. Doctors usually tell about the use of the drug in details, so that a patient does not have any questions. But if you do not know how to use it, and you cannot visit a doctor at the moment, please read the instruction for the use and follow all recommendations.

  • A metered aerosol is indicated for inhalations only. Do not use it for purposes other than intended.
  • If you are using inhaler for the first time, or you have not used it for several days, it is very important to check a mouthpiece cap and make sure that it is clean. Spray one dose in order to make sure that it works properly and remove the particles of dust, if it is on the way
  • Before using the inhaler, shake it
  • Hold the inhaler upside down, so that a thumb is placed on the base under the mouthpiece, and a pointer finger is on top
  • Exhale and put the mouthpiece in the mouth and take a deep breath pushing on the upper part of the inhaler to release a dose
  • Hold a breath for 5 seconds and slowly exhale
  • In order to take another dose, repeat a procedure in 30 seconds

100 mcg of the active ingredient Salbutamol is released during intake of breath. Therefore, if your doctor has prescribed 200 mcg at once, it means that it is necessary to inhale twice. If you have not prescribed certain dose or scheme of the use, follow the instruction:

  • To reduce bronchospasm: 1-2 inhalations right after the appearance of the first symptoms
  • To prevent bronchospasm related to the action of allergen or during physical activity: 2 inhalations 15 minutes before the action of the irritating agent.

Otherwise, Ventolin is not used. Do not use it:

  • To increase a vital volume of the lungs
  • During chronic cough
  • During chronic bronchitis

“Ventolin is not created for the primary maintenance therapy of the pulmonary function”


Mistakes during the use of Ventolin:

  • Inhalations are done too often – the frequent inhalations may cause a development of the tolerance and worsening of the bronchial asthma symptoms. It will affect the action of Ventolin as well as the action of other medicines. That is why, do not use the drug more than 4 times per day (better not more than 2-3 times depending on the frequency of the bronchospasms). If you see that bronchospasm does not disappear even during the use of Ventolin 4 times per day, it is necessary to replace the medicine as soon as possible
  • Pushing on the inhaler is not accompanied with a deep inhale – a mistake of many people consists in disability to coordinate their movements, and when they push on the inhaler, they do not inhale the aerosol. In this case, a part of the active ingredients settles on the mucous membrane of throat and tongue. Moreover, due to this, a poor therapeutic effect is achieved and an irritation of the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity may appear.
  • You hurry – the use of Ventolin should be prompt but do not hurry. You may not deeply inhale, or push 2 times because of the rush. Even if you should take 2 doses, it is necessary to wait for about 20-30 seconds after the first inhale, and then take the medicine
  • You clean the inhaler seldom – this is a very common mistake of most people. If bronchospasms did not occur within 4-5 days, remember to regularly clean the mouthpiece. You will not have time to do it during the bronchospasm, and dust may worsen your state. Do not let dust reach your lungs and respiratory tracts
  • You use Ventolin even despite the contraindications

By the way, pay attention that Ventolin is not prescribed all people. There are restrictions when health may be affected. For example, the medicine is not prescribed:

  • People with cardiovascular diseases
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients with severe dysfunction of liver or kidneys
  • People with high intraocular pressure (glaucoma)