Sovaldi is a trade name of Sofosbuvir. This medicine has been approved by FDA to treat virus of hepatitis C, and it has a lot of advantages before other analogical drugs.

The pharmacological action of Sovaldi consists in the inhibition of the RNA structure of viruses. It blocks RNA polymerase enzyme which takes part in the infection of the healthy cells. That is why, virus cannot grow and affect other cells.

Sovaldi does not break the cellular structure of viruses but completely blocks their activity, so that the symptoms of the viral infection are gradually reduced, and a patient feels better. Using additional medical drugs, it is possible to enhance the therapeutic effect of Sovaldi and completely neutralize the action of hepatitis C virus.

The use of Sovaldi helps to lower the length of the antiviral therapy during hepatitis C and save on the treatment. Nowadays, this is the cheapest medicine for the treatment of hepatitis C which is not worse than expensive drugs according to the efficiency.

Directions for the use

Sovaldi is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of chronic virus of hepatitis C – 1, 2, 3, 4 genotype in the combined therapy.

How to take Sovaldi?

  • A pill of Sovaldi contains 400 mg of the active ingredient Sofosbuvir
  • All patients use a medicine according to the standard scheme: 1 pill of Sofosbuvir 400 mg during or after meals, with a full glass of water
  • The dose of Sovaldi does not exceed 400 mg per day even during severe forms of hepatitis C (during the affection of the liver functions)
  • Sovaldi 400 mg is used within 12 weeks, and then it is necessary to have a medical examination and analyze the results of the treatment
  • In some cases, the treatment can take 24 weeks.

Depending on the genotype of hepatitis C, Sovaldi is used in combination with additional drugs Ribavirin and/or Daclatasvir. In case of the severe forms of the disease, a medical link consists of three and even more drugs.

It is not recommended to take Sovaldi without a medical supervision because the therapy of such difficult disease should be controlled by a professional medical specialist.

Probable side effects

One of the advantages of Sovaldi is its high pharmacological safety. It seldom causes side effects than analogical drugs. In spite of this, the body reaction of every patient can be individual, and therefore you should be ready for the appearance of the following side effects during the use of Sovaldi: increased fatigue, migraine attacks, dizziness, sleep disorder, reduction of hemo-globin in the blood, high bilirubin, inhibition of the respiratory function (short breathing), skin rash or itching.

The liver functions should be controlled during the treatment. If there is an inhibition of the liver functions during the use of Sovaldi, go to a doctor.


  • If severe allergic reaction appeared during the use of Sovaldi pills, it is necessary to stop the treatment and consult a doctor. The further use of the medicine can be contraindicated
  • In case of severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, consult a cardiologist before using Sovaldi
  • Sovaldi is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Women of the reproductive age should use the additional contraceptives to prevent the unwanted pregnancy
  • If you have an arterial hypertension, organic diseases of the central nervous system or other chronic pathologies, inform your doctor about it. An additional control may be needed during the treatment.