Provigil is a modern psychostimulant which is used for the treatment of the different disorders of
the central nervous system and disorders in the work of the brain.

This medicine contains the active ingredient Modafinil Online, a strong psychostimulant which has a high level of the pharmacological safety.

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Therapeutic characteristics of Provigil:

  • Improved attention
  • Increased physical and mental productivity
  • Improved mood
  • Improved memory and coordination
  • Improved period of wakefulness

The mechanism of the action consists in the increased release of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These ingredients provide a stimulating action to most sections of the brain and central nervous system making them working more intensively within a long time.

Modafinil improves memory, helps people to remember more information before important events, and faster solve tasks.

In the modern medical practice, Buy Provigil is actively used for the treatment of narcolepsy. Stimulating the functions of the central nervous system, this medicine helps to control the sleep and can even help to be awake for several days without affecting mental or physical functions of the body.

Directions for the use

Provigil is used for the improvement of the functioning of the brain and central nervous system during pathological disorders:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • Obstructive apnea
  • Sleepiness related to a change of the timezone or working schedule

What should you know about Provigil Online?

Psychostimulants are a big medical group which has a lot of medicines including amphetamines. The main concern related to the use of the psychostimulants is a probable development of the medical addiction. Many medical studies have proved that Provigil has a low potential for the serious abuse does not cause addiction during the use of the allowed doses.

Modafinil almost does not have side effects which are peculiar for most psychotimulants and is atoxic for the body. Trusted information

How to take Provigil?

If you take Provigil for the first time, it is necessary to consult a doctor and study a pathology of the brain or central nervous system.

Using Provigil Online to improve the brain activity, memory and increase the period of awakening, it is recommended to take Provigil 100 mg every 6-8 hours within 1-2 days. Taking the medicines, the human does not feel a natural need in sleep and fulfill energy, and therefore the human can be awake within 1-2 hours. Provigil can be used for not more than 2-3 days because the body should restore the energy, and severe diseases of the central nervous system can appear if a sleep is absent.

Recommendations for the use

  • Provigil is not recommended patients under 18 years because it gives an additional load to the CNS
  • In case of the severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, Provigil is not recommended
  • If the human has intolerance of lactose, the use of Provigil can be contraindicated because the pills contains lactose
  • If you take Provigil, do not consume alcohol or other drugs which give a stimulating or inhibiting action to the CNS. It can lead to severe consequences.