Do you want to buy Propecia pills online? Do you wonder if this product works and really helps to treat alopecia? What are alternatives and is there an opportunity to have beautiful hair without taking pills and surgeries? Let’s consider these questions and find out why million men buy Propecia online every year and try to cure of alopecia.

Nowadays, Propecia is indeed the only medicine for the treatment of alopecia that has been approved by FDA and shows high results. But we would like to consider this subject in details and explain why you should buy Propecia, if you have alopecia.

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Have you noticed that alopecia is exceptionally a male problem. A few women suffer from hair loss and these cases are an exception to the rule than a standard practice. Representatives of the stronger sex have some baldness with age. Even though society is loyal to bald men, every blow tells.

“According to statistics, about 40% of men with alopecia feel shaky when interacting with a woman”

A hair loss is a sign of the male body ageing. There is a scientific evidence. It is not a secret that a level of the male hormones drops with age, so that different changes happen in the body. A changed level of the hormones leads to hair loss and alopecia. Therefore, a balding man is an ageing man. Everybody want to look younger and be confident in the eyes of women. But receding hairline ruins it.

Due to alopecia, a man may have depression and lack of self-confidence. Of course, it may be overcome, but why do cause serious psychological disorders when alopecia may be treated at the stage of development?

Propecia can stop the hair loss and return a self-confidence. The treatment will take about 6 months in order to return healthy and beautiful hair. Even a transplantation of hair follicles does not give such result as Propecia. And now we are going to explain why.

All you need to know about alopecia

Alopecia is an abnormal hair loss leading to their frequent or complete disappearance. Alopecia is often local. It means that hair loss takes places on head, or in certain parts of the body.

There are several types of alopecia:

  • Androgenetic
  • Focal
  • Symptomatic
  • Scarring

Each type has its symptoms, causes, and appears in different people. But we are going to consider androgenetic type of alopecia.

“About 95% of all cases of alopecia in men is androgenetic alopecia”

This data is scientifically proved. A level of dihydrotestosterone, a type of one of the sexual hormones, increases in the male body with age. This increase leads to a high risk of the prostate gland disease, and affects the hair growth on the head. The medical studies have proved that a size of the hair follicles is reduced in time, so that hair does not grow. Due to this, alopecia appears.

All these processes are accompanied by the decreased level of testosterone because its main part turns into dihydrotestosterone. In order to stop androgenic alopecia, it is necessary to block a transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

Men preferred external products for the treatment of alopecia before: cream, ointment, gel, old wives remedy. But it did not help. Then doctors learned to transplant hair follicles. This method temporarily helped to stop hair loss. This is a cosmetic procedure when hair follicles are moved from other parts of the body. But the level of the androgenic hormones is still high, and so new hair follicles are still affected, and hair growth is stopped.

Propecia is the most advanced method to treat alopecia. Scientists have found out that it is necessary to decrease a level of dihydrotestosterone in order to completely treat the androgenic alopecia. A part of follicles will be restored, and hair will grow within a year, and other part of follicles may be replaced, and they will work without losing a quality.

“Propecia efficiency is more than 94% in the treatment of androgenic alopecia”

This data is obtained from the open sources, and million men already use this drug. But make sure that you have the androgenic type of alopecia before taking the drug. Otherwise, the treatment will be unsuccessful.

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If there is a medicine giving about 100% guarantee of stopping alopecia, why to lose precious time? If you noticed an intensive hair loss, go to a trichologist. Doctor will quickly recognize the androgenic type of alopecia. Hair in forehead and crown are affected by the action of the excessive dihydrotestosterone most of all, and therefore these parts lose hair first of all. The laboratory blood test is taken, and this way, you will find out how high the level of androgenic hormones is.

Buying Propecia online is a common thing for men from the USA, Canada and Europe. Many do not even go to the traditional pharmacies and just order Propecia online. Here is why:

  • Prices are by several times lower in the online pharmacies
  • Buying is simple and fast
  • An order may be done with the help of any device that has the Internet access
  • Online pharmacies sell Propecia 24/7/365
  • No lines
  • The drug is always available
  • No doctor’s prescription

Even if you went to a trichologist, the doctor will give you a prescription for a month. But you will have to go to a doctor every month within a year. It is very tedious. Why to do it, if there are online pharmacies?

If you want to buy Propecia online, just go to a website, select a required number of pills and place an order. A prescription is not required. Do not complicate life.

Buying Propecia online is safe but if you selected a reliable Internet pharmacy. There are many scammers but it is hard to identify them. They do not provide data on the website, do not have Contact Us page, and do not give any information. The reliable pharmacies provide this information, and you can contact a representative at any time and ask any questions. One of the main questions people ask while buying Propecia online is: Who is supplier of the pills and the cost is so low?

Almost all online pharmacies sell Propecia of the Indian production. Now the most modern pharmaceutical equipment is based in India, and local companies produce very quality and safe medical products.

India is a value for money factor. You can buy Propecia at a lower price and have the same quality. There are a lot of price factors but we are not going to talk about it. Just bear in mind, that if you buy Propecia online here, you will get a high quality and a low cost. If you have doubts, compare our prices to prices of Propecia in the city pharmacies. They sell the same pills, but they are expensive.

Dosing and Recommendations

If you decided to buy Propecia and start a treatment, read the instruction for the use. Every package of Propecia contains 30 pills in opacity blisters and protected from direct sunlight.


Every pills contains 1 mg of the active ingredient finasteride. But there are pills having 5 mg of the active ingredients. They are used by doctor’s recommendation only. The pills are taken every day, perorally, with a glass of water.

A pill of Propecia 5 mg is taken per day. It will be enough to make the drug work within the first day and launch a process of the hair recovery.

The pills are taken every day without missing a dose. As the active period of the Propecia 1 mg action is just 24 hours, a missed dose may reduce a therapeutic effect.

A man should have a reverse process within 3 months:

  • Hair loss is stopped in 3-4 months
  • New hair should appear on the area of the alopecia in 6-7 months
  • A man should not have any baldness in 9-12 months

The laboratory blood tests should be taken during the treatment and the level of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone is controlled. If the level of dihydrotestosterone is not decreased, a dose is increased up to 5 mg per day. As soon as hair loss process is stopped, a standard dosing is used, and the treatment is continued.

If the dihydrotestosterone level dropped within 6 months but the treatment results did not appear, it is necessary to have a medical examination and make sure that there are not additional factors causing the hair loss.

Propecia is absolutely safe for the male body and does not normally cause side effects. Some symptoms may happen in the first days of the treatment: poor erection and increase of breast, itching and pain in breast, and reduction of ejaculate. Men who take the maximal daily dose of 5 mg are more prone to the side effects. Most men do not even have the side effects, and the therapy of alopecia goes without discomfort.

But do not take the pills more than a year. Propecia gives good results in a year and guarantees a stable result. In order to check how your body is ready to maintain a normal level of dihydrotestosterone, it is necessary to take a break for 3-4 months. If the hair loss is restored within this period, start taking Propecia again. Propecia may be taken for a long period – 5-10 years (with every year breaks for 3-4 months). This is a standard medical practice approved by FDA.

Moreover, Propecia is for sale on the Internet, and this is convenient and cost-efficient. The prices of Propecia online are low, and men with any income level can buy the pills one per month in order to maintain confidence.

It is better to have beautiful hair than baldness regardless of how you feel. Try to buy cheap Propecia online and find out how pleasant to have beautiful and healthy hair at any age.12