Priligy is a medical product preventing premature ejaculation. It contains the active ingredient Dapoxetine.
Dapoxetine is an antidepressant from the group of the serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It has been proved that it is able to inhibit the symptoms of the depressive disorders and increase the period of the sexual intercourse. It happens due to the reduction of the motor performance of some neurons in the central nervous system.

Priligy delays ejaculation by means of slowing down impulses through the central nervous system. As brain is responsible for all reactions including ejaculation, a slow onset of impulses delays ejaculation. The sensitivity of the penis is not reduced during the use of Priligy because it does not act as anesthetic; it acts in the brain and in the central nervous system.

Taking Priligy, the first sexual intercourse may last by 2 times longer, and the next activity will be increased. According to the experienced studies of Priligy, men can prolong a sexual activity by 2-4 times.

How to take Priligy?

Priligy is released in the tablets which are taken orally before sexual intercourse. The action begins in 40-50 minutes, and therefore Priligy should be used on an empty stomach, one hour before the sexual activity.
If you take Priligy right after food, the uptake of Dapoxetine from the gastro-intestinal tract will be slow and the action will begin in about 80-90 minutes. The tablets should be used with a full glass of water, it will help to improve the uptake of the active ingredients.
Priligy can be used once per day within a long time. The tablets contain a small amount of Dapoxetine, and therefore its antidepressive characteristics will not affect the health of the patient in case of the prolonged use of the tablets.

Priligy dosage

  • The standard daily dose of Priligy is 60 mg
  • Men who have side effects can be recommended to lower the daily dose up to 1 tablet of Priligy 30 mg
  • One tablet Priligy 60 mg works within 10-12 hours
  • A single use of 2 and more tablets of Priligy 60 does not enhance therapeutic effects, but the high concentration of Dapoxetine in the blood can cause overdose.


There is no massive case of the overdose with Dapoxetine in the medical studies, however in single case, the symptoms of the overdose appear during the use of Priligy 240 mg and more within 24 hours.
The symptoms of the overdose are: vomiting, allergic reaction, convulsive attacks, severe agitation of the central nervous system.
In case of the overdose, it is needed to terminate the use of the tablets and have a symptomatic treatment.

Side effects

According to the medical studies, the side effects appear seldom because of the good tolerance of . In rare cases, if a man has high sensitivity to the action of Dapoxetine or antidepressants from the group of the serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the unwanted symptoms can happens such as dizziness, stomachache, diarrhea, and light nausea.
The side effects pass in the light form and seldom bother having sex. In case of the prolonged use of Priligy, the side effects completely pass because the body gets used to the action of the medicine.