What is Prednisolone?

Prednisolone is a synthetic form of corticosteroid produced by the adrenal gland. Doctors often prescribe it to treat such medical conditions as blood diseases, arthritis, immune system problems, breathing ailments, cancer, allergic reactions, eye and skin conditions, etc. Basically, it works by reducing the response of your immune system to different diseases and their symptoms, including swelling and pain.

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Patients need to take this medication orally, with milk or food to prevent stomach ulcers. Nowadays, it’s possible to find Prednisolone in a variety of strengths, forms and brands, so you should read the label carefully before taking this medicine. Be sure to follow your detailed dosing schedule to benefit from this treatment. Its length and your regular dosage always depends on your response and underlying medical conditions. Some patients need to take Prednisolone 4 times a day, while others use only one single dose a day. It’s also necessary to reduce your doses gradually because this medication is associated with specific withdrawal symptoms, especially if it’s taken in high doses or for a long time. To prevent unwanted withdrawal symptoms, such as sudden weight loss, weakness, muscle pain and nausea, patients should decrease their daily doses gradually.

List of Common and Rare Side Effects

Prednisolone may cause a set of adverse effects, just like many other drugs. For example, its intake is associated with such unwanted symptoms as:

  • Difficulty sleeping and acne;
  • Increased sweating and heartburn;
  • Nausea and menstrual period changes;
  • Dizziness and headache.

However, these symptoms are quite rare and most of them are mild. Prednisolone works by weakening people’s immune system, and this means that its use may lower their ability to fight different infections. This is what makes users more likely to get infected, so they need to tell doctors about any signs of new infections, including fever, cough and others. A prolonged intake of Prednisolone may result in yeast infection or oral thrush. If you have diabetes, you should control your blood sugar levels as they may rise because of this treatment. Besides, there are some unlikely serious side effects that should be watched for when taking this medication, including:

  • Sudden weight gain and unusual tiredness;
  • Easy bleeding and bruising;
  • Swelling and vision problems;
  • Hair growth and puffy face;
  • Mood and mental changes;
  • Thinning skin and bone pain;
  • Muscle pain and weakness;
  • Seizures and chest pain;
  • Slow wound healing and allergies.

Other Important Precautions

Before using Prednisolone your doctors should know everything about your overall health condition, especially if you have certain allergic reactions, heart and eye diseases, liver and kidney problems, thyroid conditions, hypertension, diabetes, brittle bones, intestinal and stomach complications, different infections, blood clots and so on.