Meldonium is a medical product which improves metabolism and causes a release of energy into all organs on the cellular level.

The pharmacological action of Meldonium is conditioned by the recovery of metabolism in the different organs during chronic diseases. This medicine is often used during the cardiovascular diseases because it fills the cells of the cardiovascular system with oxygen and lowers the load to the cardiac muscle.

Meldonium lowers the need of myocardium in oxygen, so that painful sensations are reduced, the attacks of stenocardia are arrested, and the tolerance of the physical activity is improved.

During high activity, Meldonium provides a balance between the needs of cells in the oxygen and its real delivery to the blood, i.e. it provides a conditions of the functioning when oxygen is always enough. Moreover, Meldonium accelerates the release of the toxic product of metabolism from cells and protects them against affections.

A dilation of the blood vessels happens under the action of Meldonium, and the body resistance to the viral infections is increased. A broad therapeutic activity provides the maximal effect during the first use of the tabs.

The main advantage of Meldonium is a safety for the body besides the positive effect to the metabolic processes. And it almost does not cause side effects.

Directions for the use

Meldonium is indicated for people to restore metabolic processes during the different chronic pathologies in the body:

  • Cardiac ischemia
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Pain in the heart during myocardial dystrophy
  • Functional disorders of the cardiovascular system
  • Chronic disorders of the blood circulation in the brain
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Chronical bronchitis
  • Alcoholism
  • Physical fatigue
  • Poor mental and physical performance

Usage and dosage

Meldonium is used as a preventive product to improve the body work. The length of the use depends on the type of a disease and purposes of a patient.

  • If cardiovascular diseases, Meldonium is used within 4-5 weeks, and then a break is made. The treatment is repeated by courses, 2-3 times per day
  • The standard dose is 500 mg of Meldonium 1-2 times per day during the adjunct therapy of the cardiovascular diseases
  • In case of the cerebral circulation disorder, Meldonium is used 500 mg once per day
  • If severe physical or mental loads, it is recommended to take Meldonium 1000 mg per day within 10-14 days

Before the repeated therapeutic course, it is necessary to have a break for several weeks.


  • The efficiency and safety of Meldonium is unknown in children and teenagers under 16 years. The administration of the medicine at this age can be by a doctor’s recommendation
  • Meldonium is contraindicated during intracranial hypertension, and brain tumors
  • Do not take this medicine during pregnancy and lactation

Meldonium is characterized as a low-toxic medicine with mild side effects which are not dangerous. However, light side effects often appear during the use of the medicine:

  • Dyspepsia (nausea, heart burning, and digestion disorder)
  • High excitement
  • Low blood pressure
  • Allergic reactions (redness and rash on the skin, skin itching)

The development of the side effects does not require the medicine termination. The side effects usually completely pass within 1-2 days and do not bring harm for the patient’s health.