Imovane is a strong sleeping medicine which contains the active ingredient Zopiclone. This medicine is the first representative of the new group of psychotropic drugs cyclopyrrolones wich differ from the common barbiturates.

Imovane is a representative of the new generation of sedatives which have a fast action and seldom causes unwanted side effects. It has sedative, tranquilizing, anticonvulsive and myorelaxing action. The anticonvulsive action is weak, and therefore the medicine is useful for the treatment of the convulsive states.

Imovane has a positive action to the quality of sleep, influences on the process of falling asleep and significantly increases the length of the sleep. It is worth noting, that the use of Imovane does not give a negative influence on the structure of sleep, i.e. it does not change its stages. For example, the length of the fast sleep is not reduced, and the length of the deep sleep is not increased during the use of the medicine.

The mechanism of the action of Imovane consists in the regulation of the natural biological processes which should happen in a healthy person. The medicine helps a human to relax during sleep and take a rest. Due to this, the human quickly wakes up, does not feel weakness, sleepiness, is full of energy, and can do his/her things.

The therapeutic effect of Imovane is quickly achieved within 1-2 hours. Despite a strong soporific effect, it lasts for a short period, not more than 8 hours.

Directions for the use

Imovane is useful during acute and chronic insomnia to restore a normal sleeping regimen. It can be used for a long time as well as for a short time to restore sleeping during change of the time zones or during the work at night.

How to take Imovane?

The pills of Imovane are taken 30-60 minutes before the expected sleep, with a glass of water. The pills acts faster if they are taken on an empty stomach. The dosage regimen and length of the therapy depend on the symptoms of insomnia:

  • To treat a transient (temporal) insomnia caused by a change of the time zones, Imovane is taken in the dose of 0,75 mg within 5 days
  • To treat adjustment sleep disorder, it is recommended to take Imovane 7,5 mg within 2 weeks
  • If chronic insomnia, a prolonged therapy is prescribed for 5-10 days, after the prior and complex examination of a patient. The optimal dose of Imovane is 3,75 mg per day during the prolonged treatment of insomnia. The use of Imovane 7,5 mg within 2-3 months can cause an inhibition of the central nervous system and break natural biological processes, and therefore it is necessary to make sure that a patients does not have contraindications
  • Senior patients do not need to adjust the daily dose
  • Patients with diseases of kidneys/liver/cardiovascular system are recommended to begin the treatment with the minimal daily dose of Imovane 3,75 mg

Contraindications for the use

  • myasthenia gravis
  • Respiratory failure
  • Severe hepatic impairment
  • Acute mental disorders
  • Age under 18 years
  • sleep apnea syndrome

In case of the above-mentioned states, the use of Imovane is strictly contraindicated even in the minimal doses.

Medical interaction

The increase of the sedative action of Imovane can be during the simultaneous use with drugs/ingredients which inhibit the functions of the central nervous system:

  • Ethanol
  • Tranquilizers
  • Antipsychotics
  • Antiepileptic drugs
  • antidepressants
  • opioid analgesics
  • Antihistamines

If you take one or several above-mentioned drugs, do not take Imovane.