Imitrex is a brand name of Sumatriptan. This product is regarded as the gold standard in the drug therapy of migraine.

As Imitrex is for sale for more than 25 years on the pharmaceutical market, it is regarded as one of the best drugs for the treatment of the migraine symptoms. The main advantage of the drug is its high pharmacological safety and a fast therapeutic effect.

Imitrex does not do for the prevention of migraine because it arrests only the symptoms of the disease. The mechanism of the action of Imitrex consists in the narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain, so that the migraine symptoms quickly pass.

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One of the main causes of migraine is a dilation and edema of arteria carotis in the brain. Using Imitrex reduces the edema of these arteries but the blood circulation is not reduced in the brain. Imitrex removes the basic migraine symptoms: nausea, severe headache, beating in temples, vomiting, dizziness, and photophobia. The drug begins acting within 20-40 minutes after the use, and the maximal therapeutic effect is achieved on the peak of the migraine symptoms.

If Imitrex is taken for the prevention of migraine, the effect will be weak, because this drug does not reduce the effect of the originators.

Indications for the use

  • Arresting the migraine symptoms

In what dose should be Imitrex used?

Imitrex is prescribed during the first signs of migraine. Usually the symptoms appear 30-60 minutes before the severe headache. The standard single dose of Imitrex is 50-100 mg to arrest the symptoms of migraine. If migraine becomes stronger, do not take another pill of Imitrex because it can cause an overdose.

To arrest the repeated arrest of migraine, Imitrex may be used in 6 hours after the use of the pill. The maximal daily dose of Imitrex is 300 mg.


  • Imitrex is not prescribed patients with ischemic heart disease, stenocardia, myocardial infarction, stroke, or intense dysfunctions of liver/kidneys
  • Patients with epilepsy should carefully use Imitrex, and do not take the drug if the first signs of the seizures appear
  • Children under 18 and senior people over 65 years old are not recommended to take Imitrex because the reaction of the body is unknown
  • The medicine is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation
  • An interaction between Sumatriptan and MAO inhibitors, and that is why their simultaneous use is contraindicated
  • A serotonin syndrome may develop during the combined use of Sumatriptan and drugs from the group of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Probable side effects

Sometimes, Imitrex can cause side effects such as feeling of fever, flushing, dizziness, feeling of weakness, fatigue, drowsiness. These side effects can suddenly appear but they pass quickly.

In case of the overdose with Imitrex, the side effects can be stronger: change in blood pressure, tachycardia, abdominal discomfort, tremor, allergic reaction. During the overdose with Imitrex, go to a doctor right away and follow your health.