Desogen is a medicinal product manufactured by Organon USA, Inc. It comes in the form of tablet and should be taken orally. This birth control pill is formed combining two birth control agents; they are one progestin and one estrogen. The progestin used is desogestrel and the estrogen used is ethinyl estradiol. This medicine stops women from getting pregnant by blocking the release and maturation of eggs from their ovaries. This birth control pill is named as Desogen as it comes in pack of 28 tablets. The doses for first three weeks are those with active ingredients, whereas the last seven tablets have no hormones.

This pill can be taken with meal or in empty stomach. All pills of the pack should be taken on a regular basis in order achieve best effects. There are possibilities of miscarriage if a pregnant lady consumes this drug. But studies proof that Desogen is not so much harmful if it is taken accidentally during the primary stage of pregnancy. Previous Conditions like heart stroke, blood clotting disorder, chest pain, and migraines should be reported to your doctor before taking this drug. This drug is help in decreasing the heavy menstrual bleeding and the risk of endometrial cancer.

Buy Desogen Online

How to buy Desogen is easy when the online pharmacy is used to fill the prescription for this oral birth control pill. This is a prescription medication that must be prescribed by the doctor or gynecologist prior to filling the prescription.

How to Take

Each pack of Desogen contains 28 tablets. Users need to take one tablet once a day and in same time. While the first 21 tablets contain active ingredients, last seven tablets have no such things. This pill can either be started from first day of period or on the first Sunday after period started.

Condition Treats

Desogen is a common birth control pill prescribed to women for control pregnancy. This pill falls under the combined hormonal contraceptives category. This drug needed to use constantly and correctly as your doctor prescribed. This pill does not work as a protection against any sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.

Side Effects

Several side effects are marked among the users of Desogen. However, not every users of this contraceptive pill will face problems and most cases it can be tolerated well. If problems occur, generally, they are not major and require no medication or can easily controlled by the doctor.