The medicine is made from a combination of female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. This medicine has been prescribed as an effective contraceptive pill for the prevention of pregnancy. The medicine prevents the release of an egg at the time of ovulation, as one of the best ways of avoiding chances of fertilization. However, if ever, the fertilization takes place by chance, the medicine thickens the walls of the cervical mucus. This makes it difficult for the fertilized egg to implant to the uterus. The medicine is not considered appropriate for use if the person is already pregnant or has had a baby recently. Further, people reporting a medical history of following conditions are also prohibited from the regular consumption of the drug.

Such conditions include blood clot, heart stroke, irregular blood circulation, unusual vaginal bleeding, liver or kidney diseases, jaundice by the intake of previous birth control pills. Further, at the time of consultation, it is imperative to inform the doctor about the various medications, nevertheless, herbal, dietary supplements, prescription based or non-prescription medicines, taken by the user. The pack of the drug contains 21 birth control pills and 7 reminder pills. These 7 reminder pills are essentially designed to initiate the normal menstrual cycle after every 21 days.

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Aygestin is a medication that is prescribed by the doctor for patients that want to prevent pregnancy. This medication can be used for other things. Aygestin is a combination pill has both estrogen and progestin in order to prevent the pregnancy from happening. Aygestin needs to be taken monthly and as prescribed by the doctor.

How to Take

To make this drug as one of the most reliable methods of preventing pregnancy, one should clearly understand the correct method of its dosage and the results that may be expected. In general cases, the doctors or the consulting health care providers provide thorough knowledge on the correct method of the dosage of the drug. Understand these instructions carefully and strictly follow them.

Conditions Treats

Aygestin is a recognized contraceptive pills that works towards preventing unwanted pregnancy. The medicine has been conceived from the combination of artificial female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The drug successfully prevents pregnancy by essentially preventing the release of egg during ovulation, every month. Therefore, once the production of the egg has been evaded, there are no possible chances of its further fertilization with a sperm.

Side Effects

The birth controlling pill, Aygestin , is prone to causing certain allergic reactions among its users. One can recognize the progression of an allergic reaction by the production of either of the following abnormalities- hives, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, difficulty breathing.