Alesse is a combination medication that contains 2 vital hormones estrogen and progestin for preventing pregnancy. It is basically a contraceptive pill that protects against pregnancy. The ingredient contained in the medication works by preventing the ovulation or release of egg from the ovary, thereby causing certain changes in the mucus of cervix. This, in turn, makes it increasingly difficult for sperm to penetrate through the uterus and reach out to the egg to implant.

Alesse is often used for the treatment of acne in young women aged 14 years and above. It is also used by adult women for regulating their menstrual cycle. The dosage of Alesse is usually determined by a healthcare provider.

The normal dosage of the medication is 1 tablet to be taken anytime during the day for 21 days. While Alesse does help in protecting against unwanted pregnancy, it will not work if a woman has already become pregnant. It does not cause abortion. There are mild to moderate side effects of Alesse, as with most of the contraceptive pills. It can cause headache, tenderness of breast, swelling of arms and legs and sudden vaginal discharge. If any abnormalities are seen, it must be reported to a healthcare provider.

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Alesse is a birth control pill that is prescribed by the doctor for patients needing to prevent pregnancy. Alesse needs to be taking monthly in order to prevent pregnancy. Patients need to take Alesse as directed and follow the directions carefully.

How to Take

Alesse is available in tablet form to be taken for 21 days. One tablet is to be taken regularly for 21 days, after which there will be a gap of 7 days, and then you can begin your next course. During these 7 days, you are going to have your regular menstrual period.

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Alesse is a prescription medication that is used for preventing pregnancy. It is basically contraceptive pill that uses a combed dose of 2 major hormones progestin and estrogen. The contraceptive medication works by preventing the egg from being released during the menstrual cycle.

Side Effects

Alesse can cause several side effects, such as headache; nausea; vomiting; stomach cramping and pain; bloating; vaginal discomfort; problem in urinating; dizziness; increased vaginal liquids; breast tenderness; severe migraine attacks; loss of coordination all of a sudden; blood in cough; shortness of breath; chest pain; pain in the leg, groin or arm; yellowing of the eyes or skin; swelling of the feet