Aldara – Powerful Immune Response Modifier

Aldara is an effective immune response modifier used to improve numerous related conditions. With Imiquimod being an active ingredient, the treatment can improve signs of actinic Keratosis on the scalp and face. Additionally, the drug can treat superficial basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) at its early stages. Genital warts on the outer side of the body can be treated with Aldara. Keep in mind that the medication can be taken only by patients over 12 years old.

Order Aldara Online: Save Your Time and Money

Aldara is one of the most powerful medications in its class, thus, a great number of customers require the treatment. High demand determined easy availability of the drug, so that it is available both online and offline. Online shopping for medications is a new direction that is getting increasingly popular. There are a few reasons of such rapid popularity growth. First of all, medications, including Aldara, available online are of high quality. They do not have bran name which allows decreasing their cost, but they are still produced by approved and reliable manufacturers. The correlation of quality and price of Aldara obtained from online drugstores will definitely impress you. Besides, the experience is time-saving since you can order the necessary treatment right from your desk or sofa. No need to go somewhere, get prescription, stay in the line and waste time and effort on unnecessary things. Instead, devote a few minutes and search for a dependable online pharmacy offering top services and reliable privacy policies. Learn the reviews and feedback of previous customers, organize a small investigation of the company, make sure it is not fake or scam, and only then opt for Aldara.

How to Use Aldara Purchased Online

The very advantageous feature of the vast majority of online pharmacies is customer support team that offers not only technical help, but also medical. Thus, you should not worry about Aldara misuse or overuse, as professional doctors will help you select the proper dose and provide you with all the safety directions. Even purchasing Aldara without a prescription you may get its maximal effect.

Follow the recommendations and never increase or decrease the adjusted dose to witness the improvement of symptoms. Using too much medication you risk getting severe skin reactions. Wash your hands before application of the treatment and let it dry for over 10 minutes. The duration of the treatment course and application frequency will depend on the severity of the condition as well as overall health state. However, the average Aldara course may last for 16 weeks, and the medicine is to be applied 2-5 times a week.

When Should I Avoid Aldara Application?

Despite the powerful impact the medication produces on certain conditions, its effect is not always positive. Combined with other pharmaceuticals or medical conditions, Aldara may trigger dangerous side effects and complications. Thus, the treatment is not recommended for people allergic to Imiquimod or its other components. Additionally, patients with weak immune system, skin problems and graft-versus-host disease are contraindicated for the medicine use. Inform your healthcare provider about other disorders and health problems you have.

Aldara misuse can cause dangerous abnormalities, including cold sores, headache, drowsiness, dizziness, back pain, skin irritations, nausea, vomiting, vaginal itching, changes in color of the skin and others.