Adderall is a medical product which has been approved by FDA to improve cognitive functions. According to the pharmacological action, this drug is similar to amphetamine. It causes a sudden burst of dopamine hormone, so that a human has a good mood, better attentiveness and mental abilities.

According to the medical studies, the use of Adderall can improve memory, enhance the speed of the psychomotor reactions, and lower hyperactivity.

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Unlike amphetamines, Adderall does not cause euphoria and medical addiction in therapeutic doses. The increased mood occurs because of the temporal increase of the dopamine level, and therefore the human feels a good mood and is full of energy. However, the prolonged use of Adderall in high doses can form an addiction, and the cognitive functions will be reduced without the drug. Due to this reason, Adderall can be bought only by prescription in most countries.

Indications for the use

In what dose should be Adderall used?

If your doctor prescribed you Adderall, the treatment should be started from the minimal doses. It is medically proved that even the minimal doses of Adderall help to improve the cognitive functions and reduce symptoms of the attention deficit disorder. As Adderall has psychostimulant characteristics, it should be used in the morning, before breakfast. The standard daily dose of Adderall is 30 mg.

If the doctor prescribed the daily dose of Adderall 60 mg, a pill 30 mg should be used in the morning, and the second pill 30 mg should be used in the afternoon. It is better not to take Adderall in the evening because it can cause a sleep disorder.

Contraindications for the use

  • Pregnancy/Lactation
  • Bipolar/acute psychiatric disorder
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Severe cardiovascular disease
  • Hypersensitivity to the psychostimulants
  • Dysfunction of the thyroid gland

Medical interaction

  • Adderall can interact with MAO inhibitors, so that severe side effects will appear. The interval between the use of these drugs should be at least 14 days.
  • Do not take Adderall in combination with Bupropion and antidepressants, anxiolytics, and drugs which regulate the level of serotonin/dopamine/noradrenaline

Probable side effects

Unlike amphetamine, Adderall seldom causes a side effect. It happens because of the overdose or non-observance of the precautions. The standard side effects of Adderall which may occur in the first week of the treatment are tachycardia, insomnia, loss of appetite, enhanced sweating, weight loss, and excitement.

These side effects are not dangerous for a patient and do not affect the efficiency of the treatment.

Overdose with Adderall

In case of the overdose with Adderall, the side effects become stronger especially in the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. A patient may have tremor, arrhythmia, confusion, urinary disorders, hypertension, muscle pain, severe agitation, and respiratory depression. If you feel these side effects, it is necessary to stop the treatment and turn to a doctor.