Ambien vs Imovane - Drug Comparison Ambien vs Imovane

If you have insomnia and you cannot restore a normal sleeping regimen, your doctor will recommend you Ambien or Imovane. These are strong sleeping drugs which help to restore a normal sleep regimen and relieve a process of falling asleep. But what medicine works better and what to select if you want to buy a sleeping pill?

Ambien and Imovane belong to the different medical groups and have various chemical content. But the mechanism of the action is similar. They provide a sedative action to the central nervous system and stimulate the work of the receptors which accelerate the process of falling asleep.

Imovane and Ambien provide soporific, sedative, myorelaxing action and the intensity of the pharmacological effect of these drugs is similar. However, there is a difference between them.

Ambien contains an active ingredient Zolpidem. It gives a stable sleeping effect in the dose of 10 mg. According to the results of the medical studies, Ambien begins to act in about 30 minutes, and the maximal effect is achieved in 96-100 minutes after the use. The half-life of the active ingredients is about 4-4,5 hours.

Imovane contains an active ingredient Zopiclone. It works in lower doses and 7,5 mg will be enough for senior patients to achieve a stable soporific effect. The therapeutic action also begins in about 20-30 minutes, and the maximal effect is achieved in 75-80 minutes. The half-life of the active ingredients of Imovane is about 6 hours.

According to the data of the medical tests, Imovane acts longer than Ambien, and therefore it is better to use it during the complex sleep disorders. For example, Imovane better works for patients who have unstable sleep and frequent night awakenings (especially towards morning) and have a short deep phase of the sleep. Ambien better works for people with intense problems with falling asleep.

Despite the rates of the medical tests, the common patients seldom feel the difference between Imovane and Ambien, and therefore it is pointless to say about the expressed drawbacks and advantages of these medicines.

Imovane and Ambien can be used for a short period, because they can cause a medical addiction and side effects in the central nervous system. Ambien is recommended to be used within 5 to 20 days, and Imovane is used 5 to 30 days. This is a safe time border for the use of the sedatives, and the side effects are hardly probable during the observance of the recommendations.

Having conducted an analysis of these drugs, we can make a conclusion that the differences are insignificant. If we compare Ambien vs Imovane, we cannot detect a leader. It is better to estimate the pharmacological action of these drugs on your own. This way, it is possible to find out what soporific action will be better for your body: Ambien or Imovane.