With the release of the movie Limitless, in which a fake nootropic drug called NZT-48 exponentially increases human intelligence, more and more people have begun to take an interest in real nootropic drugs able to enhance the mind’s abilities.

To date, nothing even remotely comparable to the Limitless pill has been developed, but some nootropics on the market are able to improve cognitive functions significantly.

Not everyone who uses the so-called smart drugs is willing to admit it, but a survey conducted by the prestigious journal Science reveals that their use is widespread. At least one out of every five people interviewed reported using nootropics for “non-medical reasons” in order to stimulate concentration, focus and memory.

Nootropics are used by students, entrepreneurs, small business owners, athletes and housewives alike to increase learning ability, improve memory, improve attention and concentration, as well as to improve verbal communication skills. Where do smart drugs users buy their pills?

In this article we will focus on Afinil Express, a dependable online supplier of the most popular nootropic drugs to compare their effects, benefits, side effects, availability and cost.

Why is it a challenge to find a reliable Modafinil / Armodafinil supplier?

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small / And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all”. These lines from the undying Jefferson Airplane hit could be the answer to the question above. Indeed, Modafinil is a hugely trendy drug whose popularity shows no sign of waning, and there are plenty of uppity ho-makers seeing an opportunity to make some easy money selling dummies. And since there is always an enormous demand for Modafinil online without prescription, they are certain to attract unsuspecting first-timers.

It is a here-today, gone-tomorrow kind of drugstores that do not care to win long-term customers’ trust. They are like pop-up stores; couldn’t care less for all the bad rep they get, because tomorrow they will be a-changing their shingle and putting up their sign elsewhere.

This is why e-commerce players like Afinil Express are so hard to come by. The community is a-buzz about how good the store is, and we cannot help but second these opinions. Legitimately, the shop provides high quality generics delivered with reliable courier services to almost any country (check for the list though before ordering; if your country is not on it, contact the customer support, they are certain to find a way!).

Top 5 AfinilExpress bestsellers: Modafinil & Co

Nootropic substances are often subject to medical prescription and the difference lies in the potential that some substances have and that can cause risks such as addiction and serious side effects.

Some of these nootropics are Adderall, Ritalin and Dexedrine. These three psychostimulant drugs are quite common and are mainly used to increase focus and concentration, but are not necessarily the best nootropes on the market – in contrast to the “new gen” Modafinil, whose side events are basically non-existent, but whose efficacy propels you right into the stratosphere.

As you might or might not know, Modafinil is originally designed to treat sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, and is one of the most popular nootropic drugs among the products known as eugeroics. It is marketed as Provigil at a cost that will probably make you wanna eat your wallet. Take a chill pill: there’s AfinilExpress to take care of insurmountable costs.

Users report that Modafinil does not only provide a natural feeling of mental clarity, but also promotes motivation, attention and concentration. Many also report an increase in productivity, the ability to initiate tasks and bring them to a close.

Modafinil, although potentially beneficial as described, is not without its drawbacks:

  • It is only available with a prescription
  • After a certain period of time the effects tend to decrease due to tolerance on the part of the user.
  • For some people the negative effects outweigh the benefits.
  • High cost.

For this reason, many users of nootropic drugs have chosen to use Adrafinil, a Modafinil precursor drug for which there is no need for a medical prescription. We will come back to the topic of Adrafinil later.

If you still wish to purchase Modafinil, but are not prepared to cough up $1,500 on the brand medication monthly, AfinilExpress and generic Modafinil is a match made in heaven. Produced offshore by pharmaceutical companies accredited for production of the formula, the drug features exactly the same set of pharmacodynamic features.

Why AfinilExpress: Modafinil and Artvigil prices, delivery guarantee, free shipping & more

When it comes to an e-tailer, you want them to walk the walk like they talk the talk. One orders Modafinil and other drugs from its family in order to cut down its costs, so discovering that the shipping will cost you whooping half a hundred bucks will defeat the very purpose of your virtual pharmacy shopping spree.

This is where AfinilExpress plays it smart: they throw in a free shipping into the deal. Your pills will be delivered absolutely free of charge to the U.S., UK, Australia or anywhere in Europe.

Apropos delivery geography; it gets tricky sometimes as we’re sure you know by now. Shipping drugs like Modafinil, Modalert, Waklert, Artvigil and others is a kind of Russian roulette business for the sender: the customs might or might not screen the package, with the consecutive destroying or not of its contents. AfinilExpress wins hands down this one, too! They actually will re-ship your order for free – or you will get reimbursed in case of the delivery failure. Your delivery is thus 100% guaranteed.

In all honesty and speaking from our own experience – and that of Reddit population – this is rare. Most vendors will just make this your concern, whereas AfinilExpress follows through and stands up for its loyal customer basis.

The pricing policy at AfinilExpress for their bestsellers Modafinil, Waklert, Modalert & Co are democratic to say the least; this is because these are proven-quality generics (again, not dummies or chalk pills you might be sent by a random store).

At the same time, they consistently provide tools to bring the cost of their drugs even lower with discount coupons (up to 10% off you get to enjoy as a return customer) or 20% off for users paying in Bitcoins. Does this get better?

Who makes deliveries through AfinilExpress?

If you choose a store to purchase Modafinil or Armodafinil, pay attention to the supplier information. The store, as a rule, is only an upfront and an intermediary. It is responsible for delivery, customs clearance and other tasks. But the supplier is responsible for the quality of the tablets.

AfinilExpress offers medicines from major manufacturers of Modafinil Generics:

  • SUN Pharma
  • HAB Pharma

As expected, this store does not use intermediaries and delivers medicines directly to its warehouses. Therefore, we can be sure that we will receive the original pills.

Personally, we did not feel the difference between the medicines of these pharmaceutical companies. They quality they offer is about the same. As it turned out, AfinilExpress does not work with other manufacturers. This is a huge advantage, because, as far as we know, only these two companies use the original Modafinil formula and do not add other substances to the composition. This means that you get an original stimulator for modest money.

AfinilExpress is the most famous and popular seller of Modafinil. Every user of the popular Quora and Reddit forums seems to know about it.

But apart from thousands of positive reviews, there are also negative points. We would like to dwell on the key ones.

1. Response takes time. If you want to contact the site’s reps, EMS form us the only way. We understand the store owners. After all, they remain anonymous to do what they are passionate about. In many cities where they send Modafinil, this medicine is banned from OTC use. But sometimes because of the slow response, difficulties arise in resolving disputes

2. The monopoly of the market. Although there are several major players, AfinilExpress remains the world’s leading Modafinil supplier. Because of this, they dictate their own rules. Their opinion is very important and if today they speak against some store or manufacturer, they will be believed. We are against the monopoly in the market.

Otherwise, the store is pretty good and if were not for AfinilExpress, most likely millions of people would be left without quality nootropics. Or they would buy fakes and spend their money for nothing.

Why drugs like Modafinil and Armodafinil become more topical every day

Why starting on a smart drug like Modafinil or its analogs at all? The day and age kind of call for it. In the era where intellectual property has the upper hand, your brainpower equals your street cred equals success. It is not about having an unfair advantage, like doping in sports, because what you are really doing is but unleashing your true potential, not “borrowing” your smarts from someone else, not chemically augmenting them. You are just keeping yourself awake.

And who is to say if we are not winning back the wakefulness that has been taken away from us by the hectic rhythm of life we are living in? How is it even humanly possible to keep yourself alert during your office hours to be productive and creative, and after that to be present in the moment for your near and dear, and in the middle of the night, when your kids are tugging at your blanket, spooked by a nightmare, or your own nightmares keep you awake and deprive you from your healthy night’s sleep?

According to a research recently conducted by CVS healthcare initiative, 42% of millenials either suffer from a mental illness themselves or have a mentally sick family member, 33% struggle with financial insecurity feeling and 53% find it challenging to be social. These figures are not surprising if we look at the amount of strain we put on ourselves in order to meet the expectations – of our peers, our employers, of our all too demanding selves. Nootropics are the aspirin your grandpa used to down before bedtime to keep his headaches in check; it was the best he could get, and arguably, it was all he needed for the kind of problems his day and age landed him with. Our generation is faced with a different set of stepped-up problems; the amount of information we receive day in, day out is equal to 34 GB, according to this estimation.

Pills like Modafinil help you cope, with no side effects to speak of. You owe it to yourself. Places like AfinilExpress make it available across social strata, addressing another insecurity we millenials have – the financial one.

Update summer 2019

We are beyond devastated to inform you that, due to internal problems AfinilExpress has shut down. The king is dead…

We have searched far and beyond to offer you a worthy alternative, and these are the results of our thorough search and personal experience. We can offer you several sellers of Modafinil in different countries at once. Choose the one that delivers faster to your place of resisence.

  • For the residents of the United States and Canada, the store Canadian Meds works great. Here, you will find very fast delivery throughout the country and fairly affordable prices. In Canada, they are very strict about nootropics, so Modafinil is forbidden to sell without a prescription. But this will not stop you from receiving your package. Even if they confiscate it, the store guarantees a refund or sending another batch completely for free.
  • Residents of Australia, Singapore and New Zealand will find this store useful buy modalert online. Here you can buy Modafinil and Armodafinil at very low prices. But that is not all. If you pay with Bitcoin, you will enjoy an additional discount of up to 35%
  • A store Modvigil Online is operating in the countries of the European Union and the UK, But don’t get too excited too fast, because the list of delivery cities is reduced. The EU is very strict about the distribution of pharmacy drugs, which makes them introduce strict rules for the sale of Modafinil.

You can order Modafinil, Armodafinil and other nootropics here and count on them being democratically priced and discreetly delivered to wherever you are. Hope this helps!